A Complete Guide to Website Audit

Ultimate guide to website audit 2019

A Website Audit Guide should provide a detailed analysis of the client’s website and what are the necessary tweaks he needs to make to improve them in the long run. Hence this comprehensive and more robust guide will provide you with an in-depth understanding of what goes into this process.

Best ways to audit a website complete guide
Website Audit Guide Component Break-down

Organic Visitors per Week Website Functionality Audit

This term signifies the number of organic visitors we get through search engines. For example when a person types in your keyword or related keyword in the results and lands on your page through this process then it will count as an organic visitor.

Keyword Rankings Website Audit Analyzer

We analyze the keywords that we are ranking for and where do our competitors compete for us in the same area. In this context, the SEMrush tool is quite helpful.

Backlinks Site Audit Reporter

Back-links define the number of links we get from all the websites we requested a link from or the ones who are interested in our site.

Technical Errors

These are generally errors related to the programming code and solved by the concerned department.

Page Speed Website Audit Parameter

It is the amount of time it takes for a page to load entirely from scratch. The minor speed signifies easier access to the site and better ranking by Google. Hence if there are things that bind our speed we need to check and rectify them.

0n-Page Elements

On-Page elements play a vital role because we optimize all the pages and contents in it based on a keyword so that our website appears first in the search engine results.

Site Architecture

Flat site architecture is a big no. We always need to further categorize our site according to all the available resources.

Length of the Content

Always be aware that content is the king here. The more content you have, the easier it becomes.

Domain and Page Authority Website Audit Grader

They give us the value based on where we stand on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Social Sharing Options

It defines how well our content is circulated on social media channels, through the people who visit us, which becomes the best asset for us.

Duplicate Content

Always be careful and check the content for plagiarism. The best way to correct this is by quetext.

Mobile Experience and Responsiveness

We even need to take care of how the website viewed across mobile phones and how fast it is loading the pages on the same.

Check for Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt

These are the most critical files which the search engine reads and understands what data it needs to index first and what it shouldn’t.

SSL Checkup Website Audit Technique

We check for this to have better security for our site for this we use the HTTPS extension.

Social Media Post Frequency

How often are we posting on social media channels which are related to our website is also a parameter here.

These are the complete list of elements which we need to focus on which creating a Website Audit Report you guys can also refer to Top SEO Tools to further clarify your doubts. And the other additional tool which helps us check for all the grammatical errors is Grammarly.

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