Best On-Page SEO Techniques

Follow these simple on-page SEO tricks and you are good to go

Since the inception of the internet, there has always been a steep increase in the number of web pages. As time passed by some companies came up with an idea of creating search engines. Where a search for a website is based on the keyword mentioned. But the process itself is flawed on many levels. In the early 2000s, a company called Google to build a search engine which completely revolutionized the way how the search and the result worked. The focus for a digital marketer should be on how to optimize and manipulate the website In such a way that our website rank always stays at the top for a particular keyword search. Let’s start by focusing on On-Page SEO techniques.

Google crawling an on-page of a website
Google Crawling method for a bot

How do Search Engine Index an On-Page of a Website

A search engine like Google sends bots (Automated Programmes) to all the websites in the world. These bots go into each and every web page of your site including the pages to which links are provided from and to your site. Usually, the websites we see around are built on an HTML code. The bot after crawling to your site the first thing it does is look for the HTML code and analyses it with inspecting each and every element.

Types of SEO : On-Page and Off Page

A Quick Three minute intro on SEO

On-Page SEO Elements

As its name indicates the On-Page SEO deals with all the elements which are present inside the page we are currently working on. And the list of things we need to focus on the same are listed below :

Titles and Description On-Page SEO Technique

As the image seen below this is how my article will show up in the Google search engine. The title tag which starts with <title> and ends with </title> tells Google to take it as the first line in their search result. And the description which gives a basic outline of what’s inside the page will be taken as the second two lines by the search engine.

Best On-page SEO optimization method
This is how my post will appear in Google search engine

Headings On-Page SEO checker

The search engine preference from higher to lower for headings is as follows :






As the bot comes in for crawling they always look for <h1> tag. Then <h2> and so on hence we always need to look out for what we give inside the h1 tag.

Image SEO Optimization

Even the images inside the page should be optimized for a search engine. As they don’t know what the images mean. This can be solved by simply including the keyword by changing the URL and <alt> tag of an image by using various Plugins when built on WordPress.


This directs the search engine where to go when crawling

An XML sitemap is a map of your site to the Google search engine. We direct the search engine to what pages of our site are to be indexed first. For example, this is the sitemap for my site :

Sitemap for my website


If you don’t want the search engine to not index your file for whatever reasons just go to yourwebsite.com/robots.txt and mention the page under Disallow command.

We restrict the search engine to stop crawling particular pages.

Links from Within On-Page Optimization

The search engine often gives a higher score to a website if its pages contain internal links to other pages or posts of the same site. So the more links we give inside the words the more traffic we drive.

Off Page Elements


This is the kind of traffic we get from other sites. If they refer our site through a link on their page Google search engine senses it and makes a note of this. There’s a catch not all links are not good sometimes if we get referred by a bad site our ranking will go down. We can keep track of it by using SEMrush.

Let us consider an ideal scenario where there is two sites both optimized for search engine. One contains 2500 pages and the other site consists of 4000 pages. Google ranks the second site higher than the first because it contains more pages than the first. Hence the content is always the key here.

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