Best Off-Page SEO Techniques 2019

Best off-page SEO optimization activities 2019

If you are still wondering why my traffic didn’t increase after following my previous post on ON-Page SEO worry not you have come to the right place. Here is the step by step ultimate guide to the Off-Page SEO techniques 2019.

Off-Page SEO checklist 2019
Off-Page SEO checklist Map

Blogger Outreach Off-Page SEO Activity (Editorial)

Let us consider an example where my website becomes a big hit and is generating a lot of traffic. But my friend Vijay’s website is an entrepreneur who specializes in bike design then, I will write an editorial post about him and will give a link to him.

The result? all my traffic will be directed towards him which in turn makes his site popular.

  • We need to prepare our story
  • Identify and contact suitable bloggers
  • Follow-up
  • Promote that story on all possible social media channels
  • Post replies to the comments

Guest Blogging

I love guest blogging and I think this is the best way to improve our traffic. We approach the guest blogging portals such as Medium and many others.

Then we approach them through necessary channels mentions on their site and wait for their response.

  • Develop Content
  • Identify target Bloggers
  • Follow-up with them and never give up until your post is published
  • Check the post after their approval and promote it on all social media channels

Get Links to your Blog Posts Off-Page SEO Technique

In general, we call this process as backlinks. We search in google for all the page which are similar to the keywords which we have given in our article or post.

Then select a particular block of their post and try adding your link within the words of the post which you see then email or contact them through available channels.

  • Identify and contact suitable bloggers
  • Follow-up till you get a link
  • It is a pretty hectic process and persistence is key here
  • This is mostly PR related work

Question/Answer on Quora Off-Page SEO Technique

  1. Search and Identify all the questions on Quora related to your post
  2. Prepare unique response with content and give a link to your post accordingly
  3. Then promote that content on all social media channels for further visibility

Commenting on Blogs

  • Search for the articles similar to the ones you already have
  • Read the article and comments completely
  • Prepare your response with a link to the relevant source on your website

The most important aspect of it is the backlinks we get from the websites are basically categorized into no follow and do follow if you get a no follow then you are in trouble so always look for getting a do follow link from these popular websites. Hope you like my Ultimate Off-Page SEO guide see you later.

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