How to create a Website in 3 Steps

Step 1 : Buying a Domain Name

Look for a site to buy a domain which is very easy all to have to do is make use of google. For example if you want to buy the domain from go daddy all you need is a debit card for (.com) and a wallet for (.in) Domain = your website name.

Step 2 : Finding a Hosting Service

Hosting as its name suggests is a service that allows individuals or organizations to make their website accessible via world wide web. There is a site called reform hosting.

Login with you google id or create a new one with signing up with them.

Now select a plan for your domain hosting then click on the third radio button as shown in the image below.

Enter your purchased domain name and click on use

Now purchase the hosting on whatever basis you feel like and pay with either your wallet or debit card.

Click on Basic
Login to cPanel

Step 3 : Installing WordPress

After logging into cpanel scroll down and install WordPress.

While installing word press please change the directory file from WP to none that means in the directory field whatever you find please remove it and leave the field blank.

Now after the installation is complete remember your username and password you set while installing wordpress and basic website root access structure is


Just use your website name and add /wp-admin to it you are good to go.

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