8 Best Plugins for WordPress Blogs

Best WordPress free plugins 2019

I prepared this list of best plugins for WordPress blogs to help many bloggers. Who are confused about what plugins to use from a countless number that are already available and can produce amazing results for their blog.

After spending countless hours and analyzing all the WordPress plugins, I short-listed only eight of them because they are essential in optimization and productivity of your site.

Best WordPress Plugins for Optimization of Blogs

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast plugin snippet preview

With over 5+ million active installations and 5-star overall review ratings, Yoast provides a wide range of features such as in-built SEO checker and sitemap.xml addition feature.

This is my favorite plugin. SEO is now easier than ever we need to mention our focus keyword in the search field provided, and it does the rest.

It shows us the exact amount of errors and the necessary fixes we need to make. We also get the title snippet where we can change the title of our post and the meta description which will appear in the SERP pages.


2. WP Super Cache

WP super cache outlay

This plugin has got around 2+ million installations and an overall rating of 4.5 in the reviews.

Have you ever wondered why your site loads all slow when compared to others? Well here’s the answer using this plugin which caches your site files at jet speed and in turn gives you a faster loading speed and better SEO score.


3. Sassy Social Share

Social sassy share plugin

This plugin gives us the power to integrate social sharing options on our site with just a click away. And the most exciting thing is that it’s utterly free unlike many other paid ones in the same category.

We can either have a floater type or the one that shows at the end of a page. It also gives us a wide variety of social media sharing options as mentioned in the pic above.


4. Really Simple SSL

Really simple SSL integration

Wondering what settings you need to configure while shifting your sites URL extension from HTTP to HTTPS?

The plugin has got around 2 million plus active installations and an overall rating of 4.2. But for this plugin to work you first need to install an SSL certificate for your site with your respective hosting service.

After that sit back and relax, as this plugin does all the dirty and complicated stuff for you. All you need to do is activate the plugin after getting the SSL certificate.


Most Popular WordPress Plugins for Productivity

5. Redirection

Redirections redirect options

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the pages or posts which you either change the permalink or delete them? Well, if the pages or posts are already indexed, then you are in trouble because Google doesn’t know and shows a 404 error.

We can overcome this by the use of this plugin with simple redirection of the defective pages to an alternative page of our choice. With 301, So the user who comes to visit our site at least gets something to read.


6. No Self Pings

No self ping interface

Sometimes WordPress sends pings from your site to your site when you write and publish posts. Which can mess up your comments count and can be very confusing; this is called intra-pinging.

I don’t know why there has been decidedly less mention of this plugin. Because this is a more common problem in WordPress and even I faced it with the help of this plugin we can overcome the problem very quickly.


7. Contact Form 7

Contact 7 dashboard

With over 5 million plus active installations and a rating of 4, this plugin is quite popular. All we need to do is copy the code of the form and paste it on the page of our preference.

We use it to catch the people and process their information on their successful submission of the form. When they visit our website, we can target them based on our preference. For this, you will need another plugin Contact Form CFDB7 wherein it stores all the database of the form for you to see.


8. WooCommerce

WooCommerce options listing

Want to take your business to the next level then WooCommerce might be the right option for you.

This plugin integrates the eCommerce solution to your site. Which means you can now set up your eCommerce store using this and can start earning money right off the bat.


This is my ultimate checklist to the best plugins for WordPress blogs. Just use them they are entirely free and safe with results that can boost your site speed and SEO score in total.

Until next time see you around and happy weekend.

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