I am Ch.Bhaskar currently learning and sharpening my skills in digital marketing.  24 years old graduated from C.V.S.R college of engineering with a bachelor in computer science in the year 2016. At the end of my course completion i realized that i completely loathed coding as all my friends were getting jobs in big MNC companies.

I just didn’t even attend most of the job placement interviews as i never wanted to live a life i hated to the core then suddenly one night i wanted to become a hacker and started learning ethical hacking but in the end it was never my piece of cake.

So suddenly all the paths leading to success in my career are completely blocked in my life so i started backpacking and went on a journey to rediscover myself in the process i stumbled upon digital marketing which was like a blessing in disguise and after that i never looked back. 

My main motto in life has always been the shark mindset you see sharks are interesting creatures because once they have set their mind on its prey they never swim backwards ( in-fact they don’t know how to swim backwards) its the gift of nature given to these creatures. Hence there is no if in my life i just do whatever pings my interest and i am currently fascinated by all the things that are related to digital marketing and will update my website daily based on the things i have learned as it further accelerates my learning capability.

Digital marketing is a dynamic field which keeps changing on a daily basis. So anyone who is accessing the internet through whatever means can easily learn the topics related to the same. All the young entrepreneurs who either have started their own business (or) wanting to start one you have hit the jackpot.

Using my tips and tricks you can help your company reach the amount of audience which you have always wanted. The website mainly consists of digital marketing trends and articles. Anyone who are quickly looking for the hacks related to the same you have come to the right place.

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